"These movers were incredibly awesome! They took great care in protecting my furniture before loading it into the truck... and were very careful with everything!! The price was even lower than I expected!..."
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Cheney, WA Movers - Call Best of Spokane Moving Co today for a free quote. Affordable rate large home & luxury home local and long distance moving. Cheney's best movers. Get a free quote now.

"Hayden & David are wonderful! 10/10 stars! Strongest, best movers ever! I would definitely recommend!!!" - Darien McCullough

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Best of Spokane Moving Company is a 5-Star Rated Moving Company Serving Cheney, WA. Professional Local and Cross Country Moving You Can Depend On.

Professional "Five Star" Moving Services to Or from Cheney, WA

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Need professional moving to or from Cheney?

Do you need Cheney long distance moving? Need optional packing services on your Cheney move? We offer a number of moving services including experienced moving labor where your truck or trailer can be loaded or unloaded on an interstate move. We are sometimes contracted by national companies to assist in there deliveries to the Spokane region. We have the tools, supplies, and dollies for a variety of jobs, big and small.

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Cheney: Why Consider Moving to Cheney?

There is so much to do in Eastern Washington and nearby North Idaho. Whether you are moving for academic purposes, or for the affordable housing rates - Cheney has a lot to offer. If you want a small town atmosphere with the youth and vibrancy of college culture, look no further.

Cheney is positioned on the Spokane plains surrounded by multiple lakes - this offers many recreational activities for you to enjoy. People come from far and wide to enjoy golf, fishing and hiking here in Cheney. Whichever one you choose to enjoy - the scenic views at each location are unlike any other.

For students: enjoy a diverse and progressive campus with Eastern Washington University. Whether you are fresh out of high school, or an adult pursuing higher education - EWU provides more than 60 fields of study and over 91 different classes for students to explore.

If you're still not sure - let's consider the cost of living. Living in Cheney costs 17% lower than in other parts of Washington (such as Seattle). Homes prices are low, and the median rent is $731 per month. Moving to Cheney would not only open you up to the beauty of this region, but you'd be saving money while you do so!

If you're interested in making the move to Cheney, consider using Best of Spokane Moving Company to get the job done. We are a 5-star, local & long distance moving company that specializes in full-houses and luxury homes. We strive for excellence, and we will achieve your moving goals quickly and with quality, top of the line care.

Long Distance Moving Services for Cheney

Best of Spokane Moving Company does offer cross-country moving services and Cheney long distance moving to residents out of state as well as commercial moving opportunities should you be relocating your company at or near Cheney due to it's proximity to Spokane. The arrival of Amazon near Cheney is going to bring folks chasing these jobs to consider moving to Cheney, and we are glad to be of service should that be you or someone you know. Call (509) 960-6405 for a free quote today.

Cheney Packing Services

Whether we are moving you to Cheney from another state, or whether you live in Cheney are moving nearby in the county, we can provide your Cheney packing services where you don't even have to lift a finger -- we can do it all including bringing all the supplies for a professional pack job. Call (509) 960-6405 for a free quote today.

Guide to Spokane, WA

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Moving to Spokane? Here's A Few Things to Know

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