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What Are the Best Public Schools in Spokane, WA? What Parents Should Know About Spokane Area Schools

Spokane is home to many prominent public schools. They include Hutton Elementary, Wilson Elementary, Moran Prairie Elementary, Prairie View Elementary, Orchard Prairie Elementary, Colbert Elementary, Midway Elementary, and Brentwood Elementary.

Good middle schools include Mountainside Middle School, Northwood Middle School, Greenacres Middle School, Horizon Middle School, and Sacajawea Middle School.

Good high schools include Lewis and Clark High School, Central Valley High School, North Central High School, Mt. Spokane High School, and Ferris High School.

Spokane's Best Elementary Schools

The two number one best elementary schools in Spokane County, according to Niche.com, are Orchard Prairie Elementary School and Libby Center. Orchard Prairie Elementary is a smaller school with about 75 students and a student to teacher ratio of 11:1. It is ranked a grade of A+ for teachers, A for academics, and a C+ for diversity. The school serves grades K-7. The Libby Center has a student to teacher ratio of 17:1. The school has an A ranking in both teaching and academics and a B+ in diversity. It has excellent Maths and English proficiency scores. The second best elementary school according to Niche is Wilson Elementary, earning As in both teaching and academics and a B in diversity. The student-teacher ratio is 17:1, and it serves grades preschool through 6th. Additionally, it has very good English and Maths proficiency ratings. The third best school is Colbert Elementary. The student to teacher ratio is 19:1, and they earned A ratings for their academics and teaching as well as a C+ for diversity. This school has good Maths and English proficiency ratings, with an average of around 71% for both. Colbert serves grades K-6. Other great elementary schools are Hutton Elementary, Moran Prairie Elementary, Prairie View Elementary, Midway Elementary, and Brentwood Elementary.

Spokane's Best Middle Schools

The top 3 middle schools are Mountainside Middle School, Northwood Middle School, and Greenacres Middle School. Mountainside Middle school has a 19:1 student/teacher ratio and has As in both academics and teaching. It has a solid B for its diversity score. More than half of the students are proficient in English and Maths, with a score of around 68% and 63% respectively. Northwood Middle School has a 20:1 student/teacher ratio and has As for academics and teaching, and a B for diversity. It runs from grades 6-8 and has a proficiency score of 62% in Maths and 69% in English. Greenacres Middle School retains the same information as Northwood Middle School from above, however, it has higher proficiency scores. With 67% of students proficient in Maths and 73% proficient in English. Other excellent middle schools include Horizon Middle School and Sacajawea Middle School.

Spokane's Best High Schools

Lewis and Clark High School is one of the most outstanding high schools in the area. With solid As in academics, teaching, diversity, clubs/activities, college prep, and a B in health and safety. It has a 20:1 student/teacher ratio and 56% of students being proficient in Maths and 77% in reading. It has a graduation rate of 94%. It is currently rated the best public school in Spokane County. The next best rated high school is Central Valley. It has As in academics and clubs/activities. It has Bs in diversity, teaching, college prep, and healthy/safety. It has a student/teacher ratio of 23:1. With a proficiency average of 51% in Maths and 83% in reading. The graduation rate is 94% and is located in Spokane Valley. Finally, the third-best school is North Central High School, with As in teaching and diversity and Bs in Academics, clubs/activities, college prep, and health/safety. The student/teacher ratio is 19:1. It currently has a Maths proficiency score of 50% and a 72% average in reading. It is located in Spokane County. All high schools also have great user reviews, with 4/5 stars out of 200 student and parent reviews. Other notable high schools are Mt. Spokane High School and Ferris High School.

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