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Spokane Crime - Quiet Suburbs, Scenic, What About the Crime Rate?

Spokane, WA Pros and Cons ... Here's a List

Spokane, Washington, is a gorgeous city with plenty of things to do and enjoy. With a population of about 222,000, many people move there for the scenery and the various activities to do. In fact, our "Guide to Spokane, WA" (you'll find a link at the bottom of this article) goes into detail on several enjoyable activities you'll find in the Spokane region as well as a few other interesting things you may not currently know about Spokane.

Spokane is Warmer than Seattler in the Summer

Spokane is also warmer than other parts of Washington State, with temperatures rarely going below 26 F in the winter. It also rains quite a bit less compared to Western Washington. With an average of 17 inches of rain per year, compared to Seattle's 38 inches.

Spokane Features a Wide Selection of Museums

Spokane features a wide selection of museums, such as the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and a children's museum full of science and art exhibits. It also has plenty of local parks and is home to Riverside State Park. The Spokane River also runs through Spokane, making it an ideal spot for fishing. There are also many festivals and events throughout the year, with The Spokane Symphony regularly performing at the Fox Theater in downtown Spokane. There is also a wide selection of golf courses, with more than ten running throughout all of Spokane. Last but not least, there's plenty of options for dining. Including a plentiful number of restaurants, breweries, taprooms, and a large selection of local coffee shops to explore.

Spokane's Crime - Where Is It?

Spokane, like many major cities in the United States, has problems with crime. However, most of the crime is concentrated in the downtown area and small pockets in the city. It is primarily property crime and vehicle theft. Moreover, this should not stop you from enjoying the many amenities downtown has to offer. Some general safety tips are encouraged to be practiced, and this will help you regardless of what city you are in.

Places to Avoid in Spokane

Before going downtown or to unstable neighborhoods (such as N Nevada St/E. Lincoln Rd, Hillyard, and N. Ash St/W Northwest Blvd, Airway Heights) always keep valuables out of view in your car and do not wear valuable jewelry strolling through downtown or in unsafe neighborhoods. to keep extra cautious, please place valuable items in your trunk before arriving at your destination.

Other tips include: do not walk alone at night, do not carry large amounts of cash, and most importantly, be aware of your surroundings. The Spokane Police Department and the local community have accelerated efforts to make it safer. This includes locking garbage cans, opening up a new downtown Police Precinct, extra patrols in crime-ridden spots, and crackdowns on illegal camping. All-in-all, downtown Spokane is generally safe during the day, with countless opportunities for exploring.

Safe Neighborhoods in Spokane With Low Crime

That being said, there are far more stable neighborhoods in Spokane than vulnerable ones. Many of these neighborhoods are perfect for raising a family, or for retirement. The area is amazingly diverse in its choice of homes. Many great spots for purchasing a home include Scribner, Dartford, Glenrose, N Five Mile Rd /W Strong Rd, Nine Mile Falls / Deep Creek, Seven Mile, Fairwood, E 57th Ave / S Crestline St, N Indian Trail Rd / W Shawnee Ave, Marshall / Geiger Heights. There are also secure places just outside of Spokane, including Liberty Lake, Spirit Lake, Green Bluff, Post Falls, Cheney, and much more.

Safe Neighborhoods in Spokane With Low Crime

Liberty Lake, for example, is a beautiful area surrounded by wildlife and trees. Lower-end estimates for these homes are around $280,000, with higher-end estimates of $1,850,000. The particular home for this price is located right by the lake, surrounded by scenic landscapes. It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms and is nearly 4,000 square feet. This area is perfect for its tranquility and seclusion. It also has a boat dock and heated flooring and a wet bar as well. Houses priced closer to the $280,000 range are in residential communities closer to schools and shops. These quaint neighborhoods have a vast variety of community gardens and parks while being close to many golf courses. All-in-all, you cannot beat Spokane's milder weather, scenic views, and its numerous list of activities to enjoy. Not to mention its outstanding cost of living and agreeably priced housing market. Whatever your situation or life goal, Spokane has a home, a neighborhood, and a community for you.

Guide to Spokane, WA

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Moving to Spokane? Here's A Few Things to Know

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